Important Information

Please read it carefully

We highly suggest not to apply to Finance, Payroll, and Accounting programs at this time.
It is believed by the Canadian High commission that these programs are more suitable for Canadians.
The following programs are recommended.
1. Information Technology,
2. Biotechnology,  
3. Environment 
4. Engineering
5. Other programs that have global opportunities. 

Four to five years of work experience or has graduated with their Master’s degree?
We highly suggest the student does not apply for a postgraduate program but instead apply to two years master program.

The VISA officer typically reads the program curriculum before deciding to continue with the application.
Please make sure that you address this in your statement of purpose.

We are working on this and we will update this information as soon as it becomes available.
Please do not forget to come back for updates.
We strongly suggest opening a student GIC account with the bank.
If you have any questions about the GIC account, feel free to contact us.  

Please be aware that the study permit application approval rate is the lowest for Nepal.
And success rate is around 50%. A good preparation is necessary.

We encourage students to apply through a paper-based application.

Please make sure that you meet the following requirements:

  • Have strong academic background and at least 55% in Grade 12.
  • Study permit processing time: 15 to 20 days
  • Submit applications at least two to three months in advance before the student’s date of travel.
  • In any event, before 30 days at least.

Chances of success are high for students applying for the technical or postgraduate diploma program.
60% or more is expected in core subjects.

For programs related to Business or accounting – Marks in English, Math, and Statistics & Accounting should be more than 60%.
60% is seen as the minimum marks, but students with stronger marks will be given more priority. 
It is recommended that IELTS requirements for PG, Fast-Track and program-related is 6.5 overall not less than 6.0.
As stated above, students with a higher score will be given more priority if the IELTS score is higher.

Please do not choose the following programs:

1. Two Years of Business
2. Business Accounting,
3. Payroll,
4. Taxation,  
5. Finance programs 

Getting admission in these programs for international students is difficult. 

If you have gap years, please address them correctly in your statement of purpose.
Gaps years should not be more than two years for undergraduate students,
Not more than five years for graduate students. 
If you have relevant work experience do mention this. It will add value to your application. 
Please create an excel sheet to address your gap. And attach proof such as offer letter, payslips, etc. 

We would encourage students to prepare the last 2 years income tax return where applicable. 
And, 4 months of a bank statement.

Gap students

1. 10+3 and 10+2+3 years: Diploma and Advanced Diploma
2. 10+2+4 Bachelor in Pharmacy, Bachelor of Engineering or Masters
Pharmacy Technician program has complied with criteria from the C
anadian Council for Accreditation of Pharmacy Programs
(CCAP). Overall 6.5. Not less than 6.0 in any IELTS components
3. If you have more than 5 years of gap, address the gap correctly. Failure to do so can result in a VISA denial.
4. Applicants who have not completed their studies on time are most likely to be denied by the VISA office.
For example, for a 2 years program, but finished in 4 years

Reasons for VISA denial can be any of the following:

1. Your proposed studies are not reasonable in one or more of your qualifications, previous studies, employment, language abilities, or your future prospects and plans
2. Missing semester mark sheets 
3. Graduating from a program in duration longer than the length of the program (i.e. 5 years for a 4-year program)
4. Program of study is not complementary to their previous studies
5. Concerns about gaps between graduation and employment have not been satisfied because of the lack of letters of employment, appointment letters and last pay stub
6. IELTS test or other applicants have too many bands of 5.5 for a Post Graduate program

Feel free to contact us for further questions if you have any.