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Are you a new graduate seeking an opportunity to complete your undergraduate or master’s degree abroad? Are you a student who will be completing or has completed high school (10+2) and is confused about what to do next? If so, Seed Nanotech Consulting is the right place for you! Our team will guide you and help pave your path towards success.

SeedNanoTech Consulting is a leading education consultancy located in Brampton, Canada, with branches in Kathmandu, Nepal, and Osaka, Japan. We are affiliated with internationally recognized colleges, universities, and trade schools in North America. We have successfully placed several students in schools in Canada and the USA and continue to help more. We at SeedNanoTech empower our students with the best possible opportunities in academic institutions.

So, if you are excited and passionate about studying in an internationally acclaimed university or college and visualize yourself as a successful worker in the future, we can help you achieve your educational dreams and turn them into a reality. All you have to do is complete our online application form and submit it to us. Click Here to submit the online application.

We will help choose a well-suited program and prepare the application for the college/university of your choice. We also help successful students in getting their study permit and also provide recommendations for visa applications etc.

If you choose us in your journey of success, our team of dedicated and experienced professionals will always ready to help. The student-centered approach of our consultancy emphasizes one-on-one assistance with the objective of meeting the needs of every student.

So, are you excited to begin your journey? To know more about us visit our webpage at:

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Study Abroad

Study In USA

The United States of America is very popular among international students, and for a good reason, the USA has some of the most prestigious academic institutes and research opportunities. Currently, there are over 4,000 world-class academic institutes that offer various programs to excel in your career. Benefits of Studying in the USA
  • The USA provides quality education, research, and training opportunities.
  • Students get the needed expertise in their chosen field to have a fulfilling career.
  • Scholarship opportunity for the qualified candidates.
  • Internship/coop during the study period and job opportunity after graduation.
  • Higher salary and higher opportunity for personal growth.

Study In Canada

Canada has always maintained its reputation as an attractive destination for schooling due to many reasons. Some of which include safety, culture, more research opportunities, higher living quality, job opportunities in many skilled trades, etc. Currently, Canada holds over 250,000 international students, with numbers continuing to grow every year.
In Canada, post-secondary campuses offer much more than just studying. There are plenty of activities and groups that you will be able to participate in so you can get a full taste of the academic life. Canada has firmly proven that it is a top-class destination for international students to pursue academia.There is also an opportunity to apply for permanent residence after school if certain requirements are met by the students.

Routes To Canada

Want to come to Canda for higher education?
Find out the three routes to Canada in the words of our managing director, Sir Conrad Rizal!

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