PR Information


There are four steps you must take to apply for a PR in Canada:

  • Filling out an online form
  • Gathering all the documents you need
  • Paying you fees
  • Submitting a finished application

 To fill out the online form please follow these steps below:

 To log in, you can go to either Sign-in Partner or GCKey

  1. Log in to your account (either Sign-in Partner or GCKey)
  2. Click on link to apply for PR via Express Entry
  3. Must fill out all required fields and they must all be true
  4. Check “Document Checklist” too see what documents are required to submit.

 Required documents: 

  • Language test
  • Medical exams
  • Proof of financial stability to support oneself and / or family in Canada
  • Valid job offers from a Canadian employer
  • Valid passports 
  • Police certificates

(if your passport expires within six months from when
you apply we highly suggest renewing it.)

These above documents will support your online Express Entry profile.

If you are applying under the Federal Skilled Worker Program (will be indicated on
your invitation letter) 
or were awarded points for your international education you need an 
Educational Credential Assessment.

You must have a medical exam before you apply – including you family members
regardless if they are joining you.

If your health is a risk for Canada’s public safety or health, or would require
too much demand on social or health services in Canada, it will not be approved.

When the medical exam is completed, you will be provided with an international printout sheet and a 
IMM 1018B Upfront Medical Report Form– you must submit a copy on your online application. 
Please complete your
medical exam when you get your invitation to apply.

When immigrating to Canada, you and any members of the family who are 18 and over must provide police certificates. For police records from the country you currently live in, it must have been issued within the last six months. If you need one from the country you have lived in the past, it must have
been issued the last time you resided in that country, even if it has expired, include it in the application 
and you will be informed you if you need a new one.

If you have a criminal record, there is a chance you will not be allowed to stay or enter Canada.

Please scan your original police certificates in colour.

If you are unable to receive a police certificate in time, there are two options:

  1. Decline the invitation to apply – and depending on the score you have a chance to apply again.
  2. In a very rare case – they may accept a letter proving that you made the best effort in receiving
    a police certificate on time.

In order to prove this you must have:

  • a confirmation receipt
  • a payment receipt
  • a delivery notice
  • a tracking number


  • Processing fee

These fees must be paid through a debit or credit card. There are no refunds.

  • The Right of Permanent Fee:

You will need to pay this fee of $490.00/person if the application is approved and before 
they issue any permanent resident documents – there is no fee for dependent children.
The earlier this fee is paid earlier the better – as it may speed up the process.

If however you withdraw your application or it is denied, it will be refunded.

  • Additional fees may also include language testing, medical fees, police checks, document translation etc.

Before you submit the application please remember to fill out all required fieldspay all the fees and include clear and legible scans of all documents.  

It will be checked whether or not you are eligible to immigrate and are admissible to Canada.

Once eligible, the next steps will be provided. 

If there are any changes in the following list below, please update them immediately.

  • births or deaths in your family
  • marriages or divorces
  • adoptions
  • changes in address or other contact information
  • changes to your job or job offer
  • a new educational credential
  • updated language test results